Elephant Carer Home

Elephant Carer Home means elephant keeper’s place. Our mission is to take good care of our elephants – we regard them as members of our family.

At Elephant Carer Home we value the importance of good mahouts in helping to ensure the wellbeing of our elephants. We would like visitors to experience life in the shoes (rather, flipflops) of a mahout. We think that when it comes to understanding elephants, nobody knows these fascinating creatures as well as experienced mahouts do.

We always make sure that our mahouts treat elephants as they would members of their own families – to teach elephants with fairness, love and respect. We believe that having good mahouts is of great importance as it helps to ensure a good quality of life for our elephants.

Sinnarin Riangngoen

Sinnarin Riangngoen, or Sab, is the founder of Elephant Carer Home. He was born into a family who have been keeping elephants for eight generations in Surin Province – known in Thailand as the elephant province. His ancestors passed on their elephant expertise, including the importance of treating elephants with love and respect.

Sab’s family moved to Chiang Mai to bring their elephants to work in the tourism industry when he was just 2 year old. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering when he was 22, but Sab found that his true happiness was living with elephants.

Although Sab’s grandfather has 27 grandchildren, only 3 of them continue to take care of elephants. Sab is afraid that the cultural tradition of living with elephants will die out in the next generation. He therefore wants to share his family knowledge of elephants and culture with visitors and in doing so hopes to keep this tradition alive.

You can support us by donation. The donation money will go to all of our elephants food, medical care and to support our male elephants in our home province which can no longer work with tourists.